Sunday, March 25, 2012

Oily Skin Control Under Makeup : Staying Matte

Do you have oily skin and are looking for ways to control shine?  I have tried two products that are excellent at controlling  oily skin.  Its nothing like applying beautiful makeup and in a few hours when you look in the mirror there is shine, I hate that.  A key to staying matte for oily skin is a fresh clean face that is moisturized with and oil free mositurizer and then after the moisturizer has set on the skin a few minutes apply and oil control lotion or oil mattifier or even both.  I have been using MAC's oil control lotion as a moisturizer then applying my makeup, and somedays I like to switch it up and use an oil free moisturizer then apply Mary Kay's oil mattifier.  Both products are great and if you have oily skin give them a try for a matte look.  Also dont forget to set your makeup with a setting spray, powder, or blotting powder.

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